Ski Trips


$69.00 Bus & Lift Ticket

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Available Pick Ups

5:00 AM – BU 808 Commonwealth Ave Boston, MA

5:30 AM – MIT 77 Mass Ave. Cambridge, MA

5:45 AM – Harvard Square


5:00 AM – Rockland Park & Ride Exit 14 off of Route 3

5:45 AM – Andover Park & Ride Exit 42 I-93


5:00 AM – West Bridgewater Park & Ride Exit 16 B Route 24

5:30 AM – Canton Park & Ride Route 138 almost across from the Blue Hills

5:45 AM – Park & Ride 93 Granite Ave Milton, MA


November 2017 December 2017 January 2018
18th Sunday River 3rd Sunday River 4th Bretton Woods
25th Sunday River 9th Mount Snow 6th Loon Mountain
16th Loon Mountain 7th Mount Snow
17th Sunday River 11th Sunday River
24th Shawnee Peak 13th Shawnee Peak
31st Sunday River 14th Bretton Woods
15th Pats Peak
18th Sunday River
20th Loon Mountain
21st Bretton Woods
25th Sunday River
27th Mount Snow
28th Loon Mountain
February 2018 March 2018 April 2018
1st Sunday River 1st Mount Snow 1st Mount Snow
3rd Pats Peak 3rd Sunday River 7th Loon Mountain
4th Loon Mountain 4th Loon Mountain 8th Sunday River
10th Shawnee Peak 10th Bretton Woods
11th Sunday River 11th Sunday River
14th Loon Mountain 15th Pats Peak
15th Pats Peak 17th Sunday River
18th Mount Snow 18th Mount Snow
19th Pats Peak 24th Bretton Woods
22nd Bretton Woods 25th Sunday River
24th Sunday River 29th Shawnee Peak
25th Shawnee Peak 31st Sunday River

Bus & Lift



Bus Only


  • All trips are non-refundable and non-transferable. You will forfeit your monies if you cancel and you may not transfer your registration to another trip.
  • Smoking and alcohol are prohibited on the buses.
  • All prices and arrangements are subject to change without notice. Changes include, but are not limited to, a change in schedule, destination or cancellation of the entire trip if it is decided that circumstances, such as weather, pose potentially unsafe conditions. BRS Transportation is not responsible for additional costs which may be incurred as a result of these situations, nor is it responsible for full or partial refunds if these circumstances lead to reduced ski time on the slopes.
  • If BRS Transportation cancels the trip due to weather or lack of participants you will have the option to apply your payment to a different trip or receive a full refund.
  • Participants age 13 and under must be accompanied by a parent and carry a Parental Consent Form . Participants age 14-17 must carry Parental Consent Form.
  • The BRS Transportation trip chaperone’s only responsibility is to ascertain to the best of their abilities that you receive everything that is included in your package. You are responsible to judge your own ability to participate based on your own physical capabilities and endurance, the weather conditions, and anything else pertaining to the activity. The participation by a BRS Transportation chaperone does not indicate that the activity is safe or suitable for you.
  • BRS Transportation is not responsible for any injury, loss or damage to person or property, resulting from participation in, parking at, or traveling to and from activities. Complete Waiver & Release Agreement.
  • BRS Transportation reserves the right to exclude intoxicated or disorderly persons from any portion of an event or trip without refund.
  • BRS Transportation is not responsible for costs or inconveniences incurred if a participant’s circumstances cause him/her to miss any part of the scheduled transportation.